How to Write SEO Friendly Article for Affiliated Products?- Article Writing Job

Just how do you make your SEO friendly article stand out from the crowd? Of course, if it is not SEO friendly, your article will never be read and you won’t get any clicks. Therefore, you need to follow a few easy steps to ensure that your articles are optimized with keywords that Google will find relevant and well-written and presented, thus giving you more search engine ranking and better visibility.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article for Affiliated Products?
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So, how to write an article? That all depends on what you want to accomplish with your writing. There are many different ways to reach readers, but there are also a few really simple ways to do it.

Tips to Write SEO Friendly Article

For example, if you’re looking to sell an eBook or written content then it’s a bit easier to write an article. There are several different formats that are available online. You can use Amazon Kindle formats, because they’re optimized for reading on a mobile device. There are a number of other formats out there too.

If you’re not looking to write an eBook or written content, then the first step is to determine the type of writing you want to do. It may sound silly, but the two most common forms of writing our article writing and blog writing. If you’re familiar with the Internet marketing world, you’ve probably heard of the term “pitch” and how it relates to writing an article.

Principles of Writing an Article

So how do you pitch your article? Well, there are some basic principles of pitching that will help you when it comes to how to write an article. The first thing you have to do is outline the article in its various components.

Principles of Writing an Article
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When you are trying to learn how to write an SEO friendly article, the last thing you need to do is to assume that everyone knows everything that you know. Most people who try to teach or share information find that they have a lot to say, but they do not have the answers. You can learn more about topics that are specific to your niche by following forums or blogs that focus on the topic.

  • You’ll want to get an idea of the length you want to write the article at. Then you’ll want to include a reason for why people should read the article and where it’ll lead them to. That’s the crux of the article – getting people interested in reading it and knowing more about your product or service.
  • Now that you’ve covered the reason for writing the article and where the article’s going, you’ll need to lay out what kind of content you’re going to write. Most article sites offer an assortment of categories – Business, Education, Health & Fitness, Technology, Entertainment, and Sports are some examples. The key is to make sure that whatever you choose to write about falls under that category and makes sense within that niche.
  • Once you’ve decided what you’re going to write about and how you’re going to write it, you can start writing the marketing material. It’s very important to research your topic and make sure that the information you provide has value to the audience you’re trying to reach. Make sure you have very detailed descriptions of the product or service you’re trying to sell.
  • Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re writing for everyone. Remember, this is going to be for people who are looking for the product or service you’re promoting. You’ll want to target those who are most likely to purchase your product or service.
  • Write short paragraphs and make sure you always include some type of call to action. This may mean something like “read more about this topic”check out our product”. You’ll want to grab people’s attention as quickly as possible and convince them to take the action you’ve outlined in your articles.
  • Finally, you’re going to want to ensure that you don’t try to get anyone to buy your product. Instead, you’re going to want to sell your products or services to your audience. You can do this by simply giving them the benefits of using the product or by telling them about their capabilities to receive more benefits.


Once you’ve been through all of that, you’ll be able to generate a lot of content, write an article, and get results from every step of the way. Your business will flourish when you can produce quality content regularly and get people to take action.

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