The Role of Marketing In A Company’s Development-Marketing

Marketing is not just about advertising your products and services to your customers. Marketing encompasses the activity of conveying information about a product or service, about a company’s goods and services to customers, prospective customers, and other business contacts and organizations.

The Role Of Marketing In A Company's Development
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For a product or service to be successful in the market, it needs to be used, remembered, and endorsed by a major part of the public.

When marketing the customer has to be aware of the existence of the product or service, be impressed by it, and give it enough of a go to be willing to do business with the business.

It is an overwhelming task for most people who only have their own personal agenda in mind.

The Role Of Marketing

The business owner has to keep his mind focused on the same topic in every meeting with a client. Only after evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the product can the business owner to decide on the way forward.

Though the product is a product of the marketplace, it is still the responsibility of the business owner to have an opinion on it.

Trust Building

A very important point of marketing is building the trust between the business owner and the customer. Marketing aims at maintaining trust in all the dealings between the client and the business.

  • The businesses are therefore urged to be open and honest with their customers. This will be a major boost to sales as the clients become less hesitant in doing business with the business.
  • Keeping the attitude of the customer in mind, is also a major factor in developing a winning business relationship with the customer.
  • The business owner should remember that his aim is to make his target market aware of the existence of the product he is selling.
  • The business owner should work hard to convince the customer about the usefulness of the product and why they should buy it instead of some other competing product.

Important Tips for Marketing

  • Marketing should concentrate on the creation of an ideal product for the customer.
  • A successful business relies on the consumer to make purchases and sales and there is a need to ensure that the consumer wants to buy the product.
  • Once the product has been designed, the manufacturer needs to produce it and this calls for proper marketing efforts to find the right places to market the product.
  • Proper marketing efforts should be made to build trust between the manufacturing company and the consumer.
  • All the marketing efforts should be done through mediums that are accessible to the potential consumers. These include print media, radio, television, outdoor advertising, and the internet.

Branding-The Final Verdict on Marketing

The purpose of creating a brand name, after the product has been manufactured, is to maintain the brand name and hence ensure that the sales efforts are sustained. A good branding firm helps the manufacturer to create a successful brand name that is identifiable with its product.

Once the product has been launched and marketed, sufficient research should be done to understand the general market sentiment and the consumers’ response to the product. A lot of research needs to be done before the products are launched.

The initial phase of marketing is called the pre-launch and this means that the marketing should be planned well in advance of the actual launch date. The pre-launch phase involves creating the proper strategies to promote the product launch itself.


Proper planning is essential for launching the product and hence it is crucial that the marketing efforts are launched early in the course of the product life cycle. The product marketing plan also needs to be adjusted according to the specific needs of the business.

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