What is Undifferentiated Marketing- An Overview

The concept of the undifferentiated marketing seems to be a simplistic way of describing what most companies are doing today. This is often the way that a company or organization is presented in articles or in public presentations that show a vision for the future of the organization.

Undifferentiated Marketing
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

To follow this thought, it is quite obvious that there is nothing to differentiate this brand from any other when it comes to the present marketing efforts of the company.

Undifferentiated marketing is something that needs to be challenged by organizations to get them out of the rut of the same old messaging and marketing message that has been used since the beginning of time.

This needs to be done because there are many people that are far more interested in being exposed to something new than in hearing the same story again. So let’s take a look at some ways that the concept of undifferentiated marketing can be implemented.

Undifferentiated Advertising Campaign

The first thing that an undifferentiated advertising campaign would need to do is to challenge a consumer’s capacity to be entertained by the same old marketing messages. Every single advertising campaign that comes your way should do this.

There are some advertising messages that are entertaining the consumer to a degree that they are willing to listen to the advertising. They are entertained by the images and the messages that come through their TV sets.

But for all of the messages that are being presented to the consumer, if the message is one that is too repetitious or one that is not entertaining, they will simply turn the channel and go to a different program. This has been known to happen in many households all across the world.

Tips for Undifferentiated Marketing

  • To break this cycle, a new message must be presented to the consumer every two or three days. This would be accomplished by placing different images and messages on the TV screen that are aimed at different consumer segments.
  • This will break the monotony of the message being presented and will allow the consumer to stay entertained while being exposed to a different advertising messages every day.
  • Next, a new advertising campaign will be needed to keep the consumers in mind. In order to do this, another different advertising message will need to be developed, aimed at the advertising firm or the marketing firm, that will be presented in order to keep the consumer alert to what is going on.

This new advertising message will also need to be very entertaining and fun to the consumer segment of the group. The advertising message should not be one that is going to make them feel as if they are listening to a cold call.

The idea of being entertained is essential to the success of a new advertising campaign. The audience wants to be engaged and the viewer wants to see something new on the screen.

Another aspect of the concept of undifferentiated marketing that needs to be considered is that the message needs to also be appealing to the personality of the person that will be receiving the message.

If the message is not going to be the one that is personally enjoyable to the target of the message, the audience will not keep watching the program or the advertising message that comes along with it.


A new advertising message that is going to help the audience relate to the type of person that is receiving the message and will actually be entertaining for the person that is receiving the message. This is very important because the purpose of advertising is to make the target want to purchase something.

And if the individual receiving the message will not be attracted to the message, then the message is worthless and there is no point to continue advertising on it. That is what we believe when it comes to the concept of undifferentiated marketing.