Why Disaster Risk Assessment is Important?

Disaster risk assessment is a process used to understand and implement emergency management plans. The risk posed by a specific disaster can be identified and the actions needed to manage it are identified.

Disaster Risk Assessment
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Why Disaster Risk Assessment?

  • A risk assessment is done to help build a community’s resilience. In an emergency, it is the people who will decide what to do, not the government.
  • There are a number of different types of disasters. Understanding them can help make decisions about how to respond in an emergency.
  • Disaster preparedness is all about identifying the different types of disasters that have been identified and working on how to prevent them.

This requires knowing where the potential disaster is coming from. Knowing the type of disaster is important because knowing the different types of disasters allows for a more robust plan.

Disaster Planning

  • Disaster planning is the process of identifying the different ways of responding to a specific disaster. It involves creating contingency plans that can be used in an emergency.
  • It requires understanding how a disaster will affect the community and developing a response plan that can be applied in an emergency.
  • Disaster risk assessment identifies the different sources of risks that could be in the community and helping to develop and implement measures to reduce these risks.
  • This is done by understanding the various sources of risk, developing possible responses, and then evaluating the results of the plan.
  • When a disaster risk assessment is conducted, the purpose of the assessment is to identify the risks that are present and to determine which source of risks is likely to be damaging.
  • The assessment should also identify those actions that should be taken to minimize the threat of damage and provide financial resources to deal with the effects of the disaster.
  • If a disaster risk assessment identifies a high degree of risk, there is a need to develop a plan for coping with the risks. This may require management of the activities that exist in the community to cope with the risk.

Disaster Risk Management

Disaster risk assessment is essential in disaster management because it helps in the identification of what needs to be done in order to prepare and respond to a disaster. It also helps to identify risks that need to be mitigated.

Disaster risk assessment is crucial to the overall performance of a community. It is used to determine how a community can prepare for and respond to a disaster, and to provide tools to provide financial and other resources necessary to recover after a disaster.

An individual or organization that is involved in disaster risk assessment needs to be careful to ensure that the results of the assessment are accurate. This ensures that the results are the best possible after any potential hazard has been eliminated.


A disaster risk assessment can be used as a tool for planning and preparation. It can be used to identify risks that may be an obstacle to the community’s ability to recover following a disaster, and can serve as a basis for determining the specific actions needed to mitigate these risks.

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