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The Theory of Cosmic Consciousness- What Is Cosmic Awareness?

Cosmic Consciousness; A Study in the Evolution of Man is an 1897 book by Richard Maurice Bucke who describes his theory of cosmic awareness, wherein he claims that a higher level of consciousness other than the human conscious level exists. This level is called cosmic consciousness.

The Theory of Cosmic Consciousness- What Is Cosmic Awareness?
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The Theory of Cosmic Consciousness

  • According to the theory of cosmic awareness, the universe is made up of subatomic particles (atoms) with energy and they are constantly changing their form and energy. The result of this change is what is known as cosmic awareness, which is an awareness of what is happening around us, which in turn is an awareness of ourselves, since this awareness affects our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • The theory of cosmic awareness is based on quantum mechanics, or quantum physics. The idea is that the universe is filled with energy and when this energy is altered, the universe becomes different from its original state and there are different levels of consciousness.
  • The theory also explains why humans are more in touch with the universe, because human beings have a higher state of consciousness that helps them get a better sense of understanding the universe. The universe is able to connect with humans and give us a feeling of love and compassion because we can relate to its feelings.
  • The theory of cosmic awareness has been used in psychology to explain the ability to connect with the universe in a deeper sense. It also provides the means for human beings to make contact with another human being who may be emotionally distressed. In a sense, this would enable us to understand them, and at the same time, help them.
  • According to this theory, human beings are living in a state of consciousness that is beyond what the physical senses can perceive and thus, this helps them to find a connection with the other living beings around them. They are able to find the person who needs help them in overcoming emotional difficulties.

Cosmic Awareness

  • Cosmic Awareness was also able to prove that psychic abilities are real. The fact that a person is able to see the future does not mean he is psychic, but it proves that he has access to cosmic awareness, which is different from normal psychic powers. And the power to predict events that will happen. 
  • Cosmic Awareness also claims that every thought we have is nothing but a vibration and thus, this means that the universe gives us a feeling of happiness or grief only because the universe perceives us as a whole.
  • And not because of our parts or separate parts. Although there are many theories and evidences about this theory, the ultimate proof remains to be found. However, the theory of cosmic awareness is still considered by many as a good theory.
  • One important aspect of Cosmic Awareness is that it shows how we are able to communicate with other beings. For example, if you are experiencing emotional problems, you can communicate with others through your thoughts and feelings and they can help you in overcoming your problems.
  • The theory of Cosmic Awareness also teaches that our life is influenced by the past. Therefore, it teaches that the past can influence our future and this means that we are not able to change the present. But only the past.
  • The theory of Cosmic Awareness also teaches that we are capable of changing our future because the theory of Cosmic Consciousness is based on the idea that the universe is connected to all things. And everything around us, including our future.


The Cosmic Awareness also teaches us that all of us have the ability to live a perfect and successful life and live a life that is completely fulfilling. This means that we can control the destiny of our lives and live a life that we have always dreamed about and are capable of.

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