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Is there Such a Thing as Hyper Awareness?

Hyper Awareness; We live in a time of advanced scientific and technological advancements and most people are hyper aware that there is a link between that and the fact that there are so many new discoveries, innovations and products available to us. Yet one question that people have always asked is, “How does this relate to me”What exactly does it mean?”

Is there Such a Thing as Hyper Awareness? An Overview
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What is Hyper Awareness ?

For some, the idea of hyper-awareness is a frightening idea; but for others, it is exciting and it is very important to understand what it is. We have all heard the term “hyper-awareness,” and most of us know what it means.

It has to do with being aware of everything around us at all times. It can also mean that you are aware of your mind’s thoughts or impulses.

Aspects of Hyper Awareness

One of the most important aspects of hyper-awareness is the ability to think outside of our box and look for solutions. It is also said to be the ability to be in the moment. It is the ability to see the truth, instead of the lie. This is because we become aware of the truths, even if it hurts at first.

Many people experience hyper awareness for several reasons, but most often, it is caused by too much stress. We have too many things to keep up our minds, and it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to keep our minds open to a variety of information and ideas.

For those who have to work long hours, work for the corporate world or work in the office, hyper-awareness can be the result of many different things. People who work full-time jobs, such as attorneys and doctors, often find that they have to spend large chunks of time at work.

Some people who don’t have the privilege of having a job might have to work long hours because they are trying to earn money to support their family. Others may even work part-time jobs, but as soon as the paycheck does not come in, they quickly begin to feel the strain of not having a way to pay their bills.

No matter how hard you work at your job, it can never be enough. When you stop paying attention to the little details, and just let go of your worries and let them go, you will realize that the work is not really worth it.

How does it Work?

  • We are all connected to our conscious mind and the subconscious mind; however, the subconscious is the part of our mind that controls the conscious mind. The subconscious can be manipulated through hypnosis and meditation.
  • When we think about something consciously, the subconscious automatically makes the decision for us. However, when we are constantly focused on our thoughts, our subconscious mind tends to forget everything that it is told to do and just focuses on our own thoughts. This is when the true purpose of our life starts to become hidden from us.
  • Hypnosis can take control of your conscious mind and train it to focus on your needs and goals. This is when you can start seeing yourself as being more in control of your life and what you want. It allows you to take your attention away from all of the stress that you have been experiencing.
  • In this state, you will realize that the things that you are focusing on in your conscious mind are the only things that matter. instead of what is happening to you or the things that you may have done that you have done wrong.
  • When you are in this state, you will then start to see all of the opportunities that are available to you, no matter how small they may seem. You can find yourself taking these opportunities and acting upon them. This is why hypnosis and meditation can be so powerful in helping you gain control over your life.


While there are many people who believe that hypnosis is some kind of evil, there are many who also believe that the process of hypnosis can help you to achieve a higher level of conscious awareness, where you are no longer distracted by the stresses of everyday life. This is where hypnosis comes in handy for people who suffer from hyper-awareness.

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