Where Does Universal Consciousness Exist? An Overview

Universal consciousness or universal mind is an abstract metaphysical concept which suggests an underlying spiritual essence of being, and being in the world. Although this concept is not new to science, there are various aspects and implications in this concept that need to be clarified so as to establish its reality.

Universal Consciousness
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What is Universal Consciousness?

First, cosmic consciousness or the universal mind is believed to exist and be a part of our universe. It is also said that the universal mind is the reason why things happen the way they do in our world.

If the universe is in existence, then the reason why the universe exists must be the cosmic consciousness, according to the cosmic consciousness theory.

The cosmic consciousness may be a part of God and it is not always perceived by us. If this is true, then God would be an entity in the presence of which the universe exists, therefore creating the world in which we live in.

God and the cosmos are not necessarily one and the same, and it is possible to have both God and the cosmos within our lives.

Cosmic consciousness is believed to influence human beings, who are responsible for their own existence in this life by changing them and the universe into the way that they need to be.

Although it is unclear exactly how cosmic consciousness does this, most experts believe that they manipulate the laws of nature through their thought and feelings.

Consciousness and Nature

Consciousness is the most basic part of our nature, and if we were to remove consciousness from our bodies we would lose the ability to survive.

This means that consciousness is our most important and defining characteristic in the entire universe. Our consciousness dictates the reality of our physical world, and without it we are as we were before we came into existence. Thus, without consciousness we are not in the physical world at all.

Consciousness is an abstract concept which cannot be easily explained, but it is believed that the human mind can understand some of the basics of this concept.

If we can understand what cosmic consciousness is all about, then it will become easier to understand and use cosmic consciousness to its fullest potential. If cosmic consciousness exists, then it is impossible for the mind to not perceive it.

Does Cosmic Consciousness Exist?

Most people, including scientists, believe that cosmic consciousness does not exist in the physical world. However, it is possible to observe cosmic consciousness on Earth by watching the actions of nature and the events which occur in nature.

It is believed that cosmic consciousness cannot be completely explained by the natural sciences. However, it is possible for cosmic consciousness to influence the physical laws and the same way that quantum consciousness can affect quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is based on the laws of probability, or random number generators which help produce the different patterns within the universe.


Cosmic consciousness, on the other hand, affects our physical laws in such a way that the physical laws no longer exist. It has been theorized that cosmic consciousness influences the physical laws in order to allow the universal mind to change the physical laws so as to create new physical laws that are more appealing to the mind.

According to this concept, it is also believed that cosmic consciousness allows people to create new realities to be created. According to the same theory, cosmic consciousness could also be the reason why the universe has a form that humans perceive as reality.

Although cosmic consciousness cannot be observed, it can still be affected by other beings in the same way that other forms of consciousness can be affected.

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