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Environmental Pollution Essay ! What is Environmental Pollution?

Environmental Pollution Essay: Environmental Pollution is the arrival of pollutants to the environment which cause severe damage to the living world. Pollution can take the forms of air, light, or chemical substances, including air pollution from automobiles. Pollutants, mainly the components of smog, can either indigenous materials/ergies or man-made pollutants. The pollutants in smog can result in short-term as well as long-term health effects on the people living in the surrounding areas.

Environmental Pollution Essay
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What is Environmental Pollution ?

Environmental pollution is caused by various things. Some of these things are byproducts of the natural processes that occur within the environment. Other pollutants are the result of human wrongdoings. No matter what the cause of the pollution is, it is detrimental to the environment and the world that we live in.

The waste from these sources are generally dumped into the urban areas. Often these areas become highly polluted with heavy industry and construction, leaving an awful odor in the atmosphere. The result of this mixture of industrial waste and human waste is an air pollution problem. This polluted air contains large amounts of toxic materials which become airborne during the passing of exhaust gases from vehicles, factories, or other sources.

Health Risk of Environmental Pollution

There are many different types of pollutants that cause environmental pollution. Each type of pollution is different in how it affects the environment and humans. For example, different types of pollution can cause different types of diseases. In fact, different types of disease have even been linked to different types of environmental pollution.

How to get rid of toxins begins with understanding what they are? One type of toxin is a chemical. For example, different types of pesticides and insecticides have been linked to different types of illnesses. Other chemicals that have been linked include solvents and different types of fuels. As you can see, there are many different toxins that should not be around us. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of them.

How to get rid of toxins is more than just making sure that they are not around. It also includes changing your lifestyle so that you are consuming fewer toxins. For example, if you smoke, cutting that out immediately can make a big difference. You may not think that smoking causes pollution but it does. Stopping smoking is one of the easiest things that we can do to help reduce pollution and ensure a healthy future.

  • The major health risks associated with feeding beef cattle to swine is that the byproducts, especially dioxins, will accumulate in the fat cells, cause cancer, and deteriorate the liver. In fact, it has been found that the cancer risk is greater for male cows than for female cows.
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment plants many industries produce large amount of hazardous wastes, including oil, gas, electricity, chemicals, water, and sludge. These wastes are usually discharged into unlined rural drainage systems or into natural underground springs and rivers, which may then contaminate the surface water sources.
  • A major health risk associated with this contamination is liver cancer. The contamination of surface water sources may also have an environmental impact on aquatic systems such as lakes and ponds. If this contamination occurs in lakes and ponds, it could contaminate the natural habitat of aquatic plants such as algae and clays, ultimately affecting the fish population.
  • Unsafe Disposal of Solid Waste Most municipal solid waste is recycled, but the process is inefficient and causes a lot of waste to go to waste. Also, because most municipal solid waste is recyclable, it causes environmental pollution.
  • Industrial waste and solid waste can also cause environmental pollution if they are not disposed of in an appropriate way. For example, solid waste like oil, coal, and wood chips can cause a great deal of pollution to the environment if they are burned rather than used for energy. So, instead of throwing these waste materials in a landfill, they should be burned, buried, or incinerated.
  • Contamination of Liquid and Gaseous Waste This type of environmental pollution can either happen through direct human involvement or indirectly.
  • Direct environmental pollution is when humans directly create and release hazardous waste produced from factories, homes, offices, etc; or indirectly, by consuming or inhaling contaminated liquid or gaseous wastes.
  • Indirect environmental pollution is caused by things that indirectly contribute to the poisoning of the soil, air, and water. For instance, dumping of toxic wastes into the environment, or polluting the soil and sea with waste products will definitely pollute the aquatic system.
  • Effects of Chemical Pollution On the health front, we know that the inhalation of toxic chemicals can cause coughing, lung diseases, and cancer. But, we also know that toxic chemicals can enter the aquatic system from industrial waste and surface water sources. When ingested, these chemicals can build up in the body and poison the organisms that they come in contact with, often resulting in long-term damage to the nervous and the immune systems.
  • The most common ailments that have been associated with this type of environmental contamination are liver disease, kidney failure, and certain types of cancer.
  • On a larger scale, the improper use of discarded waste products has become a serious environmental concern. There are two major health risks associated with this type of waste: adverse effects on the ecosystem, and the risk to human health.
  • The improper use of disposable materials such as plastic bags and polythene bags, contain harmful chemicals that release estrogenic agents into the atmosphere. This hormone mimics estrogen in human breast cells and has been linked to breast cancer. In addition, industrial waste that is not properly disposed of releases heavy metals such as mercury and lead into the soil and water sources.

How to Get Rid of Environmental Pollution? -Environmental Pollution Essay

With all the talk of environmental pollution in today’s society, it should come as no surprise that people are now wondering how to get rid of environmental pollution. Unfortunately for most of us, we don’t have the scientific know-how on how to deal with it. That is because we haven’t been taught the true value of caring for the environment. This article will cover some useful tips and techniques to help you do just that. Environmental pollution could be avoided by following simple tips and by the environmental risk assessment.

Environmental Pollution Essay
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Methods to get rid of Pollution

Environmental pollution is caused by various things. Some of these things are byproducts of the natural processes that occur within the environment. Other pollutants are the result of human wrongdoings. No matter what the cause of the pollution is, it is detrimental to the environment and the world that we live in.

  1. One way to get rid of pollution is through education. Many individuals, companies, and communities don’t pay much attention to the effects of their actions on the environment. Even those who do pay attention and act responsibly are often unaware of the scope of pollution. As a result, they continue to pollute the planet without an ounce of conscience or care.
  2. The first thing you need to understand about dealing with environmental pollution is that there is a correct way and an incorrect way to clean it up. There are two common methods of environmental pollution cleaning. The first is known as the cleansing process. This means you use chemicals to try to remove the pollutants from the air. The other method is called the evaporation process.
  3. The cleansing process involves the use of powerful chemicals such as chlorine and other strong alkaline compounds. These substances break down the pollutant particles in the air. They also work to get rid of any living organism that may be a part of the pollutant particle. If there are live organisms in the air, they die from the high concentration of oxygen in the water. This is the most common method that is used to get rid of pollutants.
  4. The second method to deal with environmental pollution involves using water. It’s a much better solution than using chemicals to cleanse the air. However, most of us are not able to afford to install large water purification plants all over our neighborhoods. Also, there are limits to the amount of times we can clean the water and how often we can have it purified. Sometimes we just have to rely on nature and hope that the pollutants don’t make their way into our bodies through the water we drink or the food that we eat.
  5. There are also large scale environmental pollution solutions such as the construction of power plants and huge dams. These power plants release large amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere. While some of this pollution is useful for creating energy, scientists agree that too much of it is harmful. As a result, these dams should be demolished so that the environment is protected from the large amounts of toxins that can be released through their use.

When considering how to get rid of environmental pollution, you must first consider what caused it in the first place. If you know the reason why you are being exposed to environmental pollution, you can easily make the necessary changes to stay healthy. Once you make those changes, you will start seeing positive results in your life and the environment. It is required that we should understand the environmental awareness.

Major Causes-Environmental Pollution Essay

According to an international survey report released in 2021, environmental pollution killed more than 9 million people all over the globe. Environmental pollution can be caused by human mistakes and environmental factors like climate change, excessive waste of freshwater and other natural resources, accidents, and pesticides/fertilisers. Therefore, if you are not aware of these causes and effects, then it is high time for you to learn. Natural environment is very necessary to reduce pollution.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is one of the most common environmental pollution factors. It is caused by the increase in the atmospheric concentration of sulfur dioxide and other hydrocarbons. Sulfur dioxide is by far the greatest environmental pollutant. Acid rain aggravates the already existing acid rain problems and aggravates the already worrisome problem of global warming. It has been noted that the rate of acid rain is increasing because of the ever-increasing amounts of human garbage, agricultural and manufacturing wastes and factory emissions.

Water Pollution

Another major cause of the rising number of environmental pollution cases is water pollution. Human activities like dumping of toxic wastes, improper use of garbage and factory emissions are the main sources of water pollution. Although water pollution can not really harm the planet, it definitely damages the human health. In fact, it has been proven that every year the number of people affected by water pollution is growing steadily.

Radioactive Isotopes

Radioactive isotopes are one of the most widely used as well as most harmful forms of pollution. They have been discovered to be in trace amounts in almost all places in the Earth’s crust. As the human activities keep on increasing, the radioactive isotopes are carried along with them to various parts of the earth. These radioactive isotopes have the most devastating detrimental effects on the environment.

Light pollution

Light pollution also contributes significantly to the depletion of the ozone layer. Light pollution is a major environmental problem because it destroys the natural beauty of the place. Even though we can not see the light pollution, but we can feel its detrimental effects on the ecosystem. When layers of ozone layer start to disintegrate, it results in decreasing the life span of the plants and animals living on that particular place.

Noise Pollution

In order to reduce the environmental pollution, controlling the excessive use of machines and electricity as well as controlling the noise pollution in a certain area is very important. Both light pollution and soil pollution have their own adverse effects on the environment. Light pollution makes it hard for the creatures to see creatures below ground level. On the other hand, soil pollution causes environmental pollution by over dumping of solid waste materials. Both light pollution and noise pollution are the major environmental pollution factors that need to be controlled or changed.


In spite of all these environmental pollution causes, it is very important to save the environment from further deterioration. It is possible to do so with the help of Environmental Pollution Control Services. These companies provide different solutions for controlling soil pollution as well as other pollutants like radon gas and radioactive substances.

They make use of fast method and ultra-slow tail methods to purify the air, thereby preventing the introduction of gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere. They also control and remove other pollutants present in the air like gaseous pollutants, poisonous gases, radioactive substances, etc. These companies have teams of experienced and highly trained staff who work together for providing top-quality services with regards to environmental pollution causes. So, contact them for their complete assistance in maintaining the quality of the air we breathe and the life of the natural resources around us.

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