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What is Natural Living and is it Right for You?

Natural living, chemical free living, seems so easy, clean, and ideally hopeful. But it can also sound a bit daunting attempting to understand everything you have to learn. So, let’s change that with a little help. And remember this is only a guide to natural living so, welcome to the natural living manual!

Natural lifestyle is to determine your priorities. What do you want to get out of the changes you are about to make? Are you hoping to improve your health, wellbeing, or simply enjoy a better quality of life? It may seem trivial but first and foremost you need to decide what you want to achieve from your new, cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Natural Living
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What is Natural Living?

Natural Living simply means living in balance with nature and making the wise choice to use natural, toxin-free, and green products instead of chemical products. This also applies to your clothing, food, cosmetics, home cleaning products, and pretty much everything else you use in your everyday life! I think most people are aware that there is a big difference between “natural” and “artificial” when it comes to products. We all know that natural ingredients are safer for us to use.

But many still choose to consume processed foods and processed ingredients. They are afraid of the chemicals in them and are trying to avoid ingesting or absorbing the nutrients that are in natural products. This need not be the case. In fact, the reverse is often true when it comes to natural living and natural products.

How to Chose Natural Life?

The very first step is to eliminate processed foods from your diet. They are killing you inside out! Processed foods contain chemicals such as preservatives, colorings, artificial flavorings, added fats, salt, sugar, and more. So they must be eliminated from your natural living diet, as they are the number one killer of our health and cause so many diseases.

Eliminate Packaged Food

So, what is the best choice for you? It is so simple; it is to totally eliminate any packaged foods from your shopping list. Now this is one toughie, especially for those that like a bit of packaged food in their diet, but the fact remains that you must do this if you are serious about starting your natural living program and moving towards zero waste products. So get rid of those packet foods and get yourself a jar of marmite instead.

Natural and Nutritional Food

Another one of the best, healthy ways to begin your new life style is to shop at your local natural stores instead of your super-easy grocery store brand offerings. You will also find that there are many health, nutrition, and natural stores that are more than willing to offer you advice and assistance on how to live a healthier lifestyle. This is where you can really get your head sorted out and begin to implement the changes you have been wanting to make in your life.


Another area, which needs some attention is your home; do you use reusable containers to pack your groceries? Are you aware that packaging material accounts for more than 60% of the energy used to package products in supermarkets?

Did you know that most of the products you use to packaging your food in plastic, are not biodegradable and have actually been fibers from plants? So the real, natural lifestyle solution is to use reusable containers and glass jars to package your produce and food as it is much easier to recycle the used, old, or broken jars than the new, unbreakable, glass jars and packets that the supermarket sales assistants would like you to use.

Avoid Processed Food

One of the other things, which should be looked at very closely when thinking about a real, healthy natural living lifestyle, is your diet. It is important to reduce your intake of processed foods and introduce more whole, natural, organic, and tasty things into your diet. When choosing what food to eat, try to choose those with high nutritional value, that is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

The beauty of natural fruit and vegetables is that they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals, which are all good for you and great for the environment. Your diet should consist of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, with the smaller portions being more concentrated around the pulp, that will cut the cooking time.

Zero Waste

Zero waste is another big part of real, natural living, and this can easily be implemented in the household items you choose to use, such as washing up, dish washing up and cleaning, as well as what goes into your food. Anything, which require energy to create, and does not have a disposal option, should be discarded and recycled as soon as possible. And, zero waste shall lead to avoid the environmental pollution.

This is particularly important with foodstuffs, which end up in your kitchen cupboards, and in fact, it is actually compulsory to label any food that comes into contact with household items, from bottles to plates to bin liners.

This is not only to help keep the environment clean but also helps you to feel committed to reducing your carbon footprint. With all of these ideas about reducing waste and living green, you are sure to be inspired by your new lifestyle, and will begin to live better in your own home, thanks to your own natural and organic methods.

Benefits of a Natural Lifestyle

  • For instance, let’s say you are a person who eats a primarily natural, green diet but still wants to have processed foods in her diet. You can always count on a quality skin cream to help keep your skin healthy and vibrant. At the same time, you could eat nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, and sprouts. With a natural living and natural product lifestyle, you would be eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding or minimizing the consumption of processed beauty products.
  • How do you live a natural life? Well, first of all, you need to start thinking of the seasons when you eat and shop. Instead of eating during the summer months, you should eat during the winter months and buy organic and reusable products during the fall and winter months. By doing this, you save money by not having to purchase artificial beauty products during these seasons when it is usually very expensive.
  • If you are the type of person who likes to go out and enjoy the sun, you should consider taking a natural living class. There are many great teachers out there who can teach you how to live naturally in the heat of the sun. You will find everything you need to know in these classes. You will also benefit from the experience of the instructor, as you will get a full education on a very interesting subject.
  • As you can see, there are many benefits of choosing a natural living style. When you want to have a life that is free from chemicals and pesticides, you need to live in a natural way. The world needs more people just like you who are trying to live in a natural way. Stop wasting your life doing things that don’t help the world out as much as you could be doing things differently.

Natural Living – Nine Tips To Live A More Eco Friendly Life

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When you hear the term natural living, you might think it’s a hippie or a green-thumbed person’s idea of living a simpler life. The truth is natural living is about respecting and enjoying the Earth’s bounty. It’s all about respecting and enjoying the little things around us. The following are seven ways that we can live better with nature.

Listen to the Environment

Listen to the environment. Think about growing season for your food, and when those crops need to be picked. For those of us who love to garden, we know how difficult those seasonal selections can be. We live in a society where people make decisions based on convenience. Natural living means choosing what’s convenient for you and avoiding those choices that don’t work for you.

Zero Waste

Living a natural living lifestyle doesn’t just mean eating a diet that avoids chemicals and preservatives. It also means being aware of the amount of things you throw away and finding creative ways to save money by using less.

Be Natural

Most of us are constantly buying new cosmetics, cleaning products, food, and other items. We buy so many things that our landfills are getting full. If all we did was to recycle, we could reduce our landfills today and permanently lower our carbon footprint. We could also reduce our need for artificial lighting and appliances and save money in the process.

Choose Natural Over Chemicals

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean you necessarily have to use it. Most of us aren’t born with a natural vagina or a natural skin care routine. We rely on synthetic products for everything from hair dye to bubble baths, and we’re not always happy with those choices. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Avoid Pollution

Living a natural lifestyle doesn’t exempt you from breathing in pollutants. Those air polluting the air that we breathe come from a number of sources. Some of the worst pollution comes from manufacturing products that we use every day. Paper products, plastic products, and energy products such as oil are just a few products that come from places that are often considered “unhealthy” by environmental standards. You’ll want to take steps to avoid exposure to these harmful products by looking for non-chemical and chemical-free foods, cleaning products, and clothing.

Change Your Lifestyle

Living a natural living lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to give up your conveniences. Most people don’t realize how easy it is to reduce or eliminate many of their daily activities. You can easily reduce your impact on the environment through your choices, by recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of garbage that you bring in your home, by cooking and eating foods that contain as few chemicals as possible, and by replacing your packaging materials, if possible, with paper and plastic that are more environmentally-friendly.

Reduce Your Toxins

Living a natural lifestyle doesn’t mean eliminating all toxins from your life. It means that you have choices about what you allow into your body. Instead of consuming tons of fast food and other processed foods full of harmful additives, you can start by eating whole foods that contain wholesome, organic ingredients. By making these simple substitutions you can literally lose weight and get rid of toxins all over!

Grow Food in Real Time

A natural lifestyle means using natural resources to grow food. This means that you use less food, and land, to grow the food. When you grow food in real time you save a lot of money and energy. When you grow food in real time you reduce your need for non-organic pesticides and fertilizers, and you save the planet by using renewable, natural resources.

Choose Natural Living Foods

Foods grown in the environment are safer for us than foods that are grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. When you choose natural living foods you also choose natural living resources. For example, choose organic fruits and vegetables. Organic foods are generally grown without any synthetic chemicals or pesticides.


These are only nine examples of why it’s important to choose natural living. I encourage you to take a few moments to explore the rest of the information available about natural living. You’ll find that the choices made in this lifetime will impact your children’s choices as well. Your grandchildren will thank you for taking the time to make environmentally friendly decisions. Why not make the same choices today?

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