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Incredible Memory Booster, Discover how to improve your thinking skills

How to improve Memory? For centuries, people have endured the inconvenience of forgetting important events, forgetting where they put something or getting easily frustrated with other cognitive failures. Cognitive failure has even hindered doctors from understanding how diseases impact different aspects of the human brain.

The loss of cognitive abilities isn’t a new discovery, but the discovery of how to combat brain decline is. Scientists have developed a compound which might be able to reverse the decline of memory in Alzheimer ‘s disease, a new study in mice suggests.

How to improve Memory?
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Your memory without walls

Why are there so many TV quiz shows these days? Do people really need to know all the items for sale in a grocery store, or all the US Presidents? Why have there been so many questions about restaurants on Jeopardy lately?

Why are so many people concerned about losing memories as they age? Questions like these used to puzzle biologists who studied memory– but now they’re starting to wonder whether the same evolutionary strategies that produce pockets of dense neurons in cephalopods have led us down a similar path.

Improving short term memory because it enhances other cognitive skills

The answer to improving your short term memory is to improve it. It sounds simple, but if you want to improve short term memory.
you need to do the following: Read every day, write in a journal (one sentence per day is all that’s necessary), and start with memorizing images and words instead of sentences. Get mental stimulation to improve memory. Mental stimulation keeps your mind active and helps with memory. It also has the added benefit of improving emotional health .

Memory rules to improve mental functioning

Memory improvement is associated with mental functioning which includes increased oxygen flow to the brain, decreased blood pressure and cortisol levels leading to a peaceful state. Mental functioning is the optimal state for memories because when we are at peace, we feel grounded and know we can handle everything in front of us.

Aging is inevitable but it seems that mental health and cognitive wellbeing can be achieved. “(M)emory based on sensory experiences (smells , sensations) is coded in the brain with a variety of molecular and cellular changes. Importantly, these molecular and cellular changes occur in all areas of

How to Memorize?

The best way to memorize something is to study the material and try to attach new information with old knowledge by manipulating them: forming relationships, images, and patterns. When we see images in relation to new information, we process it more deeply and storing it properly.

We also recognize new memories as they happen because we created a strong connection with that memory as opposed to just seeing it as a still image. One way to really commit information or data to memory is to say it several times in the same session. The amount of repetitions and tests will depend on how and what you want memorized, and consistency (reps and exams) will be your answer to memorization.

Techniques to avoid forgetting important things

Certain brain training programs and specific foods may be able to improve your thinking habits and retention of thoughts. There are a whole host of things you can do to improve the health and longevity of your brain.

What is your best memory tip? Let me know in the comments below. Also avoid leaving any valuable items on public transport or in other locations where you do not know how safe they are. However, the case then calls for an investigation of Zidane himself naturally — and that can in

How to improve Brain Power?

First, improves the diet. If you eat foods that are full of sugar or fat, promote inflammation in your body and brain. The second thing to do is organize your day for maximum success. Make time for relaxation because when your body stays relaxed, you have potentially helped increase focus.

Next is just about understanding when to give into feeling stressed versus actually doing things even if it’s tempting. Understand that when you are stressed, there can be many reasons which just need time for them to work themselves out. Lastly, eat or drink something cold!

Memory and Subconscious Mind !

Learning is an integral part of human life. Memory is one way to not only retain your life but also improve on experiences. Research has found that the brain can remember things better if they are perceived as meaningful.

It’s important to understand how the right information can be packaged for optimized memory retention. Apart from memory, the conscious and subconscious mind (How Subconscious Mind Controls Your Life) are actually two very different elements of your brain.

The unconscious mind does all the regular thinking in your head . Its consciousness may seem to disappear during sleep, but there is a lot occurring in the sub conscious mind that you’re not even aware of.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, paints a scene or an image. It is completely aware of all the information that you are taking in. The subconscious mind does the thinking that your conscious mind is too busy to do.


This blog is focused on how to make your thinking skills better with the help of some simple processes such as using Anki, giving little spatial or temporal rewards and plenty of self-praise for remembering things. Once you implement these strategies into your everyday lifestyle, you’ll find that remembering tasks, remembering notes and remembering deadlines has never been easier.

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