Chandrayaan-3 Passes Crucial Vibration Test, Edges Closer to Launch

Chandrayaan-3 Passes Crucial Vibration Test, Edges Closer to Launch

Chandrayaan-3- On Thursday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) reported that Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft had successfully passed critical vibration and acoustic tests at the UR Rao Satellite Centre in Bengaluru during the first week of March. These assessments are an integral part of any spacecraft’s qualification and acceptance process.

Chandrayaan-3 Passes Crucial Vibration Test, Edges Closer to Launch

Chandrayaan-3, consisting of a Propulsion Module, Lander Module and Rover Module, had to endure some rigorous tests. ISRO stated that “the vibration and acoustic tests conducted on the integrated spacecraft have given sufficient assurance in its structural integrity and survivability in launch environment.”

As an extension to Chandrayaan-2 mission, Chandrayaan-3 seeks to demonstrate end-to-end capability for safe landing and roving on lunar surface with its lander-rover configuration.

Though ISRO has yet to confirm the exact launch date, it is expected to occur during the second or third quarter of 2023. The primary objectives of the mission include demonstrating a safe and soft landing on the lunar surface, showcasing its rover’s capabilities on the moon, as well as conducting scientific observations to gain further insight into its composition.

Chandrayaan-3 mission demonstrates India’s continued dedication to lunar exploration and its desire to enhance space capabilities. After the partial success of Chandrayaan-2, in which only the orbiter survived but no lander or rover components were recovered, ISRO has worked diligently on improving the design for Chandrayaan-3.

With the successful completion of crucial vibration and acoustic tests on board, ISRO is confident that this new mission will also be successful.

Chandrayaan-3 will also carry a suite of scientific instruments to conduct experiments on the lunar surface. These investigations will give scientists valuable insights into lunar geology, mineralogy and water ice content. By achieving these goals, Chandrayaan-3 not only deepens our knowledge about Earth’s natural satellite but also cements India’s place as an influential player within global space exploration.

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