India-Israel Friendship: Research and Development Cooperation Begins

India-Israel Friendship: Research and Development Cooperation Begins

India-Israel Friendship: In a significant milestone for Science and Technology cooperation between India and Israel, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under India’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) under Israel’s Ministry of Defense have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Industrial Research and Development Cooperation.

Dr. N Kalaiselvi, DG of CSIR and Secretary of DSIR, expressed her gratitude to the Indian Minister of State (IC) for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, and the Vice President of CSIR Society for their support.

She highlighted CSIR’s ongoing collaboration discussions with DDR&D in the fields of aerospace, healthcare, and energy and outlined the priority topics for further collaboration with Israel, including artificial intelligence, quantum technology, semiconductors, and synthetic biology.

Dr. Daniel Gold, Head of DDR&D, expressed confidence that the CSIR-DDR&D cooperation would benefit both countries and welcomed collaboration with research and development organizations, start-ups, and venture capital firms on both sides.

He highlighted Israel’s strengths in AI and photonics and welcomed cooperation with CSIR in high technology sectors for a better future.

The MoU will facilitate cooperation in industrial R&D programs across various sectors, including healthcare, aerospace, electronics, infrastructure, engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals, sustainable energy, ecology, environment, earth sciences, water, mining, minerals, metals, materials, agriculture, nutrition, and biotechnology. A Joint Steering Committee led by the heads of CSIR and DDR&D will oversee and monitor the implementation of specific projects.

Collaborations on hydrogen and aerospace technologies, as well as therapeutics, are already under discussion. Dr. Abhay Pashilkar and Dr. Ashish Lele, Directors of CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories and CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, respectively, welcomed collaboration on futuristic technologies in these domains.

A separate MoU between CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and M/s 101 Therapeutics was signed for conducting clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 drug.

Dr. Jitendra Singh emphasized the importance of this year in India’s S&T sphere under the leadership of the Indian Prime Minister, highlighting India’s G20 presidency, the International Year of Millets, and the 30 years of successful diplomatic relations between India and Israel.

He expressed confidence in CSIR’s competence for this cooperation and welcomed the technology partnership with Israel, congratulating both sides for their efforts to strengthen the India-Israel relationship.