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U.S. & India Unite for ‘Operation Broader Sword’ for Illicit Drugs & Dangerous Medical Devices

New Delhi: Operation Broader Sword- In an unprecedented move, an alliance of top American regulatory and law enforcement agencies joined forces with India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in Operation Broader Sword, a special operation aimed at stopping the flow of illegal pharmaceuticals, devices, and precursor chemicals.

U.S. & India Unite for 'Operation Broader Sword' for Illicit Drugs & Dangerous Medical Devices
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Carried out in June 2023, this historic bilateral action saw over 500 illicit and potentially harmful shipments intercepted, preventing them from reaching American consumers. The operation marked a groundbreaking development in international drug enforcement cooperation, primarily focusing on packages from India entering the U.S. through the JFK and ORD International Mail Facilities.

Investigators thoroughly scrutinized over 1500 Indian-origin shipments during the operation, resulting in swift action on approximately 500 products. These included illegal medications marketed for treating serious diseases and potentially lethal combinations of opioid and other controlled substances.

In a significant move, HSI special agents conducted a controlled delivery of suspected products, resulting in the arrest of an Indian national accused of illegal importation of illicit pharmaceuticals, including opioids and other controlled substances.

Praising the partnership, Mark Fredrick, DEA Country Attaché, said, “U.S. law enforcement and regulatory agencies already enjoy a strong working relationship with Indian counterparts under the bilateral Counternarcotics Working Group. Operation Broader Sword is an extension of that cooperation, serving to protect both U.S. and Indian citizens.

“Operation Broader Sword’s impact extends beyond interdiction. The operation aids in gathering vital information on shipping patterns and parties of interest for future enforcement actions. This bilateral initiative helps U.S. and Indian officials gain insights into international criminal networks, paving the way for improved safety in both countries.

Building on the success of Operation Broadsword in 2020, which also targeted illicit medical product shipments from India, Operation Broader Sword represents a significant leap in international drug enforcement collaboration. This operation halted shipments of illicit, potentially harmful, unapproved prescription drugs, and combination medical devices, paving the way for more successful operations in the future.

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