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Job Opportunities for Professors and Assistant Professors in Pharmacy

New Delhi, India —Job Opportunities for Professors: In a significant development that underscores the growing demand for specialized educators in the pharmaceutical sector, several esteemed universities across India have announced job openings for Professors and Assistant Professors in Pharmacy. These opportunities not only offer competitive salaries but also span various specializations within the field.

Job Opportunities for Professors and Assistant Professors in Pharmacy
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Job Opportunities for Professors and Assistant Professors in Pharmacy Across India

1. Pratap University, Jaipur Announces Assistant Professor Positions in Pharmacy

  • Position: Assistant Professor in Pharmacy
  • Salary Estimate: ₹25T – ₹50T
  • Application Status: Easy Apply

Pratap University in Jaipur has initiated a recruitment drive for Assistant Professors in Pharmacy. With a salary estimate ranging from ₹25T to ₹50T, the university has made the application process straightforward with its ‘Easy Apply’ feature.

2. DIT University: A Window of Opportunity in Pharmaceutics

  • Position: Assistant Professor – Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
  • Location: India
  • Application Status: Open for 30+ days

DIT University has been actively seeking an Assistant Professor specializing in Pharmaceutics. The position has been open for over a month, indicating a significant opportunity for qualified candidates across India.

3. Parul University: Multiple Faculty Positions in Pharmacy

  • Position: Faculty of Pharmacy – Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor
  • Location: India

Parul University has announced a range of faculty positions, from Lecturer to Professor, in its Pharmacy department. This offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for academics at various stages of their careers.

4. Kalinga University, Raipur: Actively Hiring Across Disciplines

  • Position: Assistant Professor (Pharmacy, Commerce, and Management)
  • Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
  • Application Status: Actively Hiring
  • Source: LinkedIn

Kalinga University in Raipur is not only focusing on Pharmacy but also extending its reach to Commerce and Management. They are actively hiring, making it a hot spot for multidisciplinary academics.

5. Chandigarh University: A Hub for Pharmaceutical Academia

  • Position: Associate Professor / Professor – Pharmacy
  • Location: Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India
  • Application Status: Actively Hiring

Chandigarh University is looking for seasoned academics to fill the roles of Associate Professor and Professor in Pharmacy. With an active hiring status, the university is keen on onboarding experts in the field.

These job openings come at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, thereby increasing the demand for specialized educators. It’s an opportune moment for professionals in academia to step in and contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences in India.