Part Time Pharmacy Jobs in Canada

Part Time Pharmacy Jobs in Canada: The landscape of part-time pharmacy jobs in Canada is diverse and offers a range of opportunities for professionals in the field. Here’s a comprehensive look at the current market, based on the latest listings and trends.

Part Time Pharmacy Jobs in Canada
Part Time Pharmacy Jobs in Canada

Overview of Part-Time Pharmacy Jobs in Canada

The demand for part time jobs in Canada remains robust, with a variety of positions available across the country. These roles cater to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, assistants, and other support staff who are looking for flexible working hours or are balancing work with other commitments such as further education or family.

Types of Part-Time Pharmacy Jobs

  1. Pharmacy Assistants and Technicians
    • These roles involve assisting pharmacists with medication preparation and dispensing, managing inventory, and providing customer service.
    • Employers range from local community pharmacies to large healthcare institutions.
  2. Pharmacists
    • Part-time pharmacists are responsible for dispensing medications, counseling patients, and sometimes supervising pharmacy technicians and assistants.
    • Opportunities are available in retail, hospital, and clinic settings.
  3. Support Roles
    • These include customer service representatives, cashiers, and clerical staff who ensure the smooth operation of pharmacy services.

Salary Expectations

  • Salaries for part-time pharmacy jobs vary based on the role, experience, and location. For instance, part-time pharmacists can earn between $65 to $100+ per hour, depending on their qualifications and the complexity of their responsibilities.

Top Employers

  • Companies like Quadra Village Pharmacy, Pharmaprix, Forbes Group, and London Drugs are among the top employers hiring for part-time positions in the pharmacy sector.

Job Locations

  • Part-time pharmacy jobs are available across Canada, with a concentration in urban centers such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. However, there are also opportunities in smaller communities and rural areas.

Work-Life Balance

  • Part-time work in pharmacies offers a balance between professional engagement and personal life, making it an attractive option for many in the healthcare field.

Career Advancement

  • Even in part-time roles, there are opportunities for professional development and career advancement, especially within larger pharmacy chains and healthcare organizations.

Job Market Trends

  • The pharmacy job market in Canada is influenced by factors such as the aging population, the expansion of pharmacy services, and technological advancements in healthcare.

How to Find Part-Time Pharmacy Jobs

  • Job seekers can utilize online job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and pharmacy association job listings to find part-time positions.


Part-time pharmacy jobs in Canada offer a versatile and rewarding career path for those seeking flexibility. With competitive salaries and a variety of work environments to choose from, the field is ripe with opportunities for both seasoned professionals and those new to the industry.

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