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The Witfire is a blog which contains articles and tips for mental, emotional and spiritual growth, motivation, positive thinking, law of karma, law of attraction for easy life. The Witfire helps you get motivated to improve your life. This blog is a collection of articles on different topics that coaches, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders suggest.

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What is Karma? What types of Karmas are considered to be good?

What is Karma? It is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘action’ or ‘work’. Karmas are actions that we have committed in our previous lives that we are required to complete in this life. It is said to grant our present lives what they need and to enable us to take on spiritual tasks of our own.

How to prepare a research proposal?

How to prepare a research proposal? What is Research proposal?

How to prepare a research proposal? A research proposal is a document that outlines a research project. It is used to request funding for the project, and to persuade potential sponsors or supervisors of the value of the project. A good research proposal will include a clear statement of the problem or question to be

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What is the thesis writing format? How to write an Excellent Thesis?

What should be the best thesis writing format? A thesis is a document that presents the author’s research and findings. It is typically submitted as part of a doctoral degree program. The thesis writing format may vary depending on the institution, but there are some general guidelines that should be followed. Introduction The first step

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How to make protocol for thesis

How to make Protocol for Thesis? Thesis Protocol!

How to make Protocol for Thesis ? A thesis protocol is a document that contains a detailed description of the research work to be carried out as part of a postgraduate degree. It includes the objectives, methodology, timeline and resources required for the research. The protocol must be approved by the student’s supervisor and/or Department

Essay writing UPSC?

How to write an Essay for UPSC? Essay writing UPSC?

Essay writing UPSC? An essay is a formal piece of writing that aims to present a concise, reasoned argument on a specific topic. Essays are commonly used in academic writing, but can also be found in other settings, such as newspapers and magazines. Introduction The first step to writing an essay is to choose a

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– Warren Buffett

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